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Easter Celebration 2011

Easter was celebrated in JLSS on Tuesday 19 April with a worship service held in St. Michael's Church at 7.00 PM. Students and staff of the boarding department along with other JLSS employees and their families attended the service. Students participated in Bible readings and the singing of hymns. The Easter message was given by the director, Rev. George D.  Haddad. At the end of the service all boarding students received their Easter gifts which are traditionally a good sized chocolate egg. The Easter gifts to all our students like the Christmas ones are bought with grants kindly donated by our partners BibleLands. We express our most sincere gratitude to BibleLands for allowing us to bring joy to all our students, year after year.
Following the service the children were treated to a special dinner of barbequed chicken (SHISH TAWOOK) with French fries, salad, and dessert. Because of the economic crisis this meal was removed from the regular menu, but the students requested it for Easter, and the administration concurred with their request. The students left the following day at 2.30 PM for the Easter holiday which continued until the 2nd of May.
Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!
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