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Conclusion of the School Year 2021 2022

DS BT Class 2022After two years of Corona disruptions to education and normal life, it was wonderful to reach the end of the academic year 21/22 on 17 June 2022 with the whole program completed.
Our preventative measures were successful in averting school interruptions allowing our students to have a completely normal school year.
The first semester went very well with a few days missed due to snowstorms and Corona.
The second semester had no interruptions.
The inauguration of the new building for the vocational department that includes the new carpentry workshop and new large Corona-safe classrooms was held on 27 March. This great celebration included a concert of trumpet and pipe organ music with musicians travelling from Germany for the occasion. It was a time of great joy in a country of utter misery.
Easter was celebrated on 12 April in accordance with Schneller traditions.
The funfair was held on 19 May. Students were delighted, especially that many of them were enjoying our funfair for the first time. We had to subsidize 50% of all prices to enable all our children, both boarding and day-students, to enjoy the day.
School trips were also organized for students of all departments. We celebrated Eed al-Fitr on 28 May. The Field Day was held on 9 June. All these activities were organized for the first time after two years of Corona restrictions with no such activities.
Finally, children were able to enjoy some of their lost childhood in a normal way.  EVS EMS Partners
On the academic performance of children after Covid, the division of Grades 3 to 5 based on the level of students (those who followed online learning and those who didn’t) proved very beneficial to children. Each group was able to move ahead from the level it was in to advance its learning without frustration or one group benefitting at the expense of the other.
The early incorporation of some underperforming students into vocational training saved them from losing the two years of not following online lessons.
Our joy was completed when our vocational boys got excellent results in official exams. We were especially delighted with the 100% success rate of our students in the new DS-BT program which we started this year.
The overall expected success rate of DS BT in the country is 10 to 30% as Dual System students in Lebanon are not likely to pass the BT exams because of its emphasis on academic and theoretical subjects. The fact that we got a 100% success in this new program is very encouraging.
This was the result of the dedicated work of our trainer Abdallah al-Qassem who was in charge of this program and who instructed our students and inspired them to achieve this wonderful goal. It also proves that the Dual System is the most suitable option for vocational training.
Now our graduates who follow this new program have both the DS and BT certificates opening for them opportunities that regretfully were recently shut for DS graduates in Lebanon.
We praise God for this fruitful academic year.
We thank all our partners who enable us to achieve all this and continue our special mission to underprivileged children.
We also thank and congratulate the Schneller team for a very successful academic year.

End of Year 2022

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