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Christoph Schmitter in Schneller

Christoph Schmitter of the Schneller Verein Switzerland returned to Schneller on Monday 29 January 2007. He is stayed until the 16th of February. This was his second visit to our school this year. He helped us develop micro-projects that encourage entrepreneurship among our students. His first visit was for preparation and discussion. He went back to Switzerland after his first visit and raised the necessary funds for the projects. He came back to help launch those projects. Our partnership with Switzerland has been very much developed through his two visits. His presence and support was very valuable to the school. We also expect to receive a short term volunteer from Switzerland, Mr. Tobias Schicker, from March 1, 2007 until June 1. This was also kindly arranged by Mr. Schmitter. We express our thanks to Schneller Verein Switzerland and to Mr. Schmitter for his presence and wonderful support. We praise God for our friends and partners who help us in a variety of ways to develop our ministry and care for our children.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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