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Al-Munaizel Beitensten Workshop in JLSS

Munaizel WorkshopMusa Al-Munaizel along with Katharina Beitensten conducted a workshop for our educators (staff of the boarding homes) from Tuesday 23 January 2007 until Friday 26. The theme of the workshop was Child Abuse. The workshop was very timely as we are going through some changes in JLSS - Lebanon, and we are still dealing with the scars of the last war on our children. The workshop was an opportunity to deal with the issues that we are facing. Musa Al-Munaizel, who is the advisor for pedagogical concerns in Theodore Schneller School - Amman is very well known and very much loved by our staff. He dealt with all the issues relating to the theme of the workshop in a marvelous manner working with our staff through what they know and have experienced, leading them to a clear understanding of the issues concerned and how to deal with situations of abuse among children. Katharina Beitensten who is specialized in sports and using sports activities for therapeutically purposes demonstrated wonderful exercises to our staff and how they can use them to deal with emotional stress and aggressive behavior among children. It was so sad that because of the prevailing situation in Lebanon and the closure of all schools on Friday 26 January, the last day of the workshop had to be cancelled in order for our staff to organize the care and safe return of our children to their homes. The workshop was a great success. We express our most sincere gratitude to Musa and Katharina for this wonderful workshop. We also thank EMS and Theodore Schneller School - Amman for providing us with such wonderful people with superb expertise. We look forward to more of those workshop on a regular basis leading to full cooperation between our schools. This cooperation is certainly for the good of children in both schools.
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