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Abie Moussa Grant Transforms Two Boarding Homes

The very generous donation (US$ 20,000) of Mr. Abie Moussa transformed two of our boarding homes.

BBH2 (Boys Boarding Home 2) and BBH3 were the last homes with very old furniture in their lounges. The old sofas were broken and torn. The televisions were very old and small. Their colors were faded. The children's lounges in both boarding homes were really miserable.

Both boarding homes had serious problems with damp. Water leaked through the ceilings in winter. The problem was very acute during snowstorms. Beds had to be moved to prevent children's bedding from getting wet. The educators had to place old blankets on the floors to absorb the water that wasNew BBH2 Furniture continuously dropping from the ceilings.

Mr. Abie Moussa came to our rescue with his very generous donation. He sent us enough money to change the roof tiles of one building and buy new furniture for lounges in both boarding homes.

We replaced the roof tiles of BBH2 last summer on the promise that one of our partners would pay for the project. The project was absolutely necessary. It was not possible to have children in BBH2 through another winter.

Unfortunately, the anticipated decision from our partner did not come. The promise was adjusted to support the replacement of the roof tiles of BBH3 which we will do next summer.

Although we had agreed with Mr. Moussa to use his donation for the replacement of the roof tiles of BBH3 next summer, when we did not receive the anticipated grant for BBH2, we wrote to him requesting his permission to use his grant to cover the expenses we incurred last summer for the roof of BBH2.

He kindly agreed. We used most of his grant to cover the cost of replacing the roof tiles of BBH2.

New BBH3 FurnitureWe needed television sets for both boarding homes. The Sony agent in Sin Elfil - Beirut was having a big sale in December 2015. We rushed there in time to get two Sony KLV-40R562C sets for a bargain price. Both are huge 40 inch LED televisions which became the envy of all other boarding homes.

We waited for the big sale in January 2016 to buy the needed furniture for the boarding homes. Unfortunately, the furniture shop in Jamhour near Beirut from which we usually buy furniture did not have a sale this year.

We were lucky to discover Hittie Furniture Shop nearby which was having a big sale. We were able to buy excellent furniture for both boarding homes for a good price. The furniture arrived on Tuesday 9 February 2016, and what a transformation for both boarding homes it was! Finally, all the boys' boarding homes are on par with the girls', and definitely BBH2 and BBH3 lounges are even better.

We praise God and express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Abie Moussa for his generous donation that transformed life in two of our boarding homes. Thirty boys are living in much happier homes now.

Abie also promised to visit JLSS soon! We look forward to his visit.

New Roof Tiles BBH2

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